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Asphalt Mixing Plant – Download Data Sheet

The specifications in the catalogue are liable to changes due to engineering and technical considerations.

1- Cold Feeders(4 Top Loading Silos)
2- Feeding Belt Conveyor
3- Dryer
4- Burner
5- Multi Cyclone System for Filler Reclamation
6- Exhast Fan
7- Filter
8- Hot Mineral Elevator
10- Screening
11- Hot Mineral Storage
12- Mixing Unit
13- Finished Product Silo
14- Control Cabin
15- Bitumen Flask
16- Oil Heater Unit

General Definition for 80, 120 & 160 t/h
Mineral Temperature increase = 160°
Specific Material Weight = 1.6 t/m3
Grain Size = max. 25 mm
Asphalt Specific Weight = 1.8 t/m3
Mix Cycle = 80 batches/h
Binding Agent Content = 7.5 % max.

Cold Feeders – 4 Top Loading Silos

Extendable bin design with four standard bins
Bin opening 270 * 228 cm, adjustable outlet
Each Silo Capacity 9 m^3
Separate dosing belt feeders per silo controlled by AC motor
Reversible belt feeder
Fault detection with audio alarm
Belt conveyor size: length= 800 cm, width= 60 cm, drive output 4 KW
Feeding Belt Conveyor

Belt length = 950 cm
Belt width = 60 cm, drive output = 4KW
Capacity: 120 t/h


Cylindrical type, 4*11 KW drive units
Size = 120 t: diameter=212 cm, length=800cm
Drum speed = 8 RPM
Aluminium plate cover
Heavy duty chassis
Optimum paddle design for maximum heat exposure
Drum inclination = 3°


Turbo jet burner
Capacity = 10.000.000 – 12.000.000 Kcal
Fuel= Gas-oil, Heavy oil
Consumption= 6 – 8 litres / ton Asphalt
Air Fan = 11 KW, 2900 RPM
Continuous fuel / Air balance using servomotor
Single nozzle design
Fuel pump = 4 KW, 1440 RPM

Multi Cyclone System for Filler Reclamation (de-dusting System)

Discharging of filler by 3 KW screw conveyor into filler elevator
Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan electromotor = 55 KW, 1480 RPM


Type: water filter
Water pump = 11 KW
Height = 12.5 m

Hot Mineral & Filler Bucket Elevators

Chain bucket type (heat treated chains)
Drive unit output: Hot Mineral Elevator = 15 KW
Filler Elevator = 11 KW
Maintenance platform with stairway access
Base station with inlet chute and manhole
System equipped with adjustable spring suspension system


Vibration screen with 4 hot bins for 4 mineral sizes
Bins equipped with doors to collect samples for analytical purposes
Maximum mineral temperature = 160° C
Total screen area = 18 m^2
Area of sand deck = 4.5 m^2
Drive unit = 7.5 KW
Dust removal duct with regulating flaps
Adjustable vibration amplitude (eccentric wheel)

Hot Mineral Storage

Total capacity = 10.5 m^3
4 separate bins with pneumatically controlled outlets

Mixing Unit

All parts exposed to wear and tear are made of wear resistant materials
and are easy to replace
The entire mixing tower is easily and safely accessible
Mineral, filler, bitumen scales posses high weighing precision
All mixture components and mixing period can be specified in the recipe
Mineral scale = 4 * 1000 Kg Load cells
Filler scale = 3 * 500 Kg Load cells
Bitumen scale = 3* 500 Kg Load Cells
Drive unit = 2 * 22 KW
Capacity = 1500 Kg, 120 tons/h
Filler discharges gravimetrically over a pneumatically controlled outlet flap
Bitumen scale discharges gravimetrically and directly into the mixer

Finished Product Silo

Capacity = 20 m3
Discharging via pneumatic outlet flaps

Control Cabin

Large cabin-roof and walls insulated
Floor lined with rubber material, outside: protected with painted
steel sheets, inside: MDF sheets
Air conditioning upon request
All power & control cables connected via marked terminal board

Electronic Control System, Weighing and Batching

Full automatic computer control system for 99 recipes
Display unit to monitor
Automatic and manual operation
All instrument for automatic and manual controls located
on the control panel
Easy data entry

Bitumen Flask

Capacity: 50 tons
Completely insulated
Equipped with heating coils

Oil Heater

Capacity: 300.000, 500.000 Kcal/h
Gas-oil or heavy-oil burner
Maximum bitumen temperature 160°C
Constant temperature controlled
Thermally insulated
Oil pump drive unit: 11 KW- 3000 RPM
High quality German oil pump


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