• Rahmachine co. was established in 1983, based on years of experience and expertise of top level executive management of its founding members in the field of construction machinery.


  • In 1988, given the urgent need for rebuilding after the country was recovering from the 8-year war with Iraq and a high demand for concrete production machinery, Rahmahine co. was the first to design and build central concrete stations which was received very well by construction and road construction companies and all the organizations involved with the country’s rebuild and was used in almost all the country’s reconstruction projects.


  • Projects such as dams – oil refineries – petrochemical plants – Subway of Tehran and other cities – nuclear power plants, thermal and gas plants – the country’s highways and other connecting roads – railway network and rail – irrigation networks and agricultural infrastructure – housing dense and high rise buildings – the hospital chain in the country and thousands of other small and large national projects for which we are proud to claim that we have taken a few, albeit small, steps toward progress and independence from foreign technology and the reconstruction and development of our beloved country. Subsequently, asphalt production plant in various capacities was also added to the products of this company and is used in the domestic and overseas construction projects.


  • Fortunately, customer satisfaction which has always been our motto and main objective has been achieved, and this achievement, in the form of several plaques of appreciation, has motivated us to continue to progress and optimize our systems constantly.


  • Exporting the machines to many countries such as:
  • Venezuela (South America) – newly independent states of Central Asia (Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan – Georgia – Turkmenistan) – African countries (Algeria – Nigeria – Gabon – Malabo – Niger – Sudan – Libya – Somalia, etc.), neighboring countries, including: (Pakistan – Afghanistan – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Turkey – Iraq – Kuwait – as well as Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Oman – Bangladesh – Sri Lanka and so many others is what we are proud of, as we have introduced Iran’s industrial potential and capacity to all the continents of the world.


  • It is our hope and desire to continue to serve the country’s engineering society and present our country’s industrial potential to the world.




We have successfully completed over 2000 projects in the sand and gravel field and currently exporting to the following countries:
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